Revealed: Kids’ holiday expectations

Who doesn’t love a summer holiday? Exploring new places, catching up on sleep and getting away from reality for a few days sounds like heaven.

But do our little ones want the same out of their holiday? With potential summer holiday destinations and plans no doubt simmering away in households across the nation, we spoke to a group of primary school children to see what it is that gets them excited about their summer holiday.

Here’s what they told us when we asked them about their dream destination, how much they think this year’s holiday will cost, the items they can’t travel without and who they’d like to take with them on holiday.

Whilst it may come as no surprise that children don’t understand the full cost of a family holiday, many parents would be delighted if it cost just £10, like it does according to one youngster from Leeds.

When it comes to travelling distances, children thought they’d be travelling as far as 20,000 miles to reach their holiday destination – almost the whole way round the Earth! Harry (aged 10) and May (aged 7) guessed that they’d be travelling 1,000 miles to reach Canada when it is in fact 3,600 miles, while other children guessed that Leeds to the Lake District was a 400-mile journey – although would many adults be able to guess this correctly?

Whilst the children were looking forward to their holidays in locations such as Canada and France, it is clear that the UK is still a popular destination. The children named the Lake District and London as favourites, with one young man announcing, “I love that place!” when he heard Cornwall, because that is where he spent three days surfing and “it’s where I got my t-shirt from”.

When it comes to travel buddies the children seem to have some more peculiar requests with President Donald Trump, fictional Harry Potter because “he’s very good protection with all those spells”, and comedian Jack Whitehall hilariously named as dream travel companions.

And when asked what items they couldn’t travel without, the responses varied between the sensible ‘suitcase’ and ‘goggles’ to the shocking ‘X-Box’ and the classic ‘mobile phone’ and ‘iPad’.

When asked to discuss their dream holiday destinations, surprisingly the children’s idea of a dream holiday may not differ too much from parents with “somewhere hotter”, “near a beach”, “water park” and “Paris” named as dream destinations.

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder at, said: “It’s really amusing to hear about the children’s ideas of a dream holiday and what they look forward to most when getting away. It is great that along with seeing the sites and enjoying the weather, spending time with family is high on their agenda.

“Although we doubt that Donald Trump, Harry Potter and Jack Whitehall are free to be joining children’s holidays this year.”