We’ve searched high and low to find you the UK’s most influential pooches 

So say hello to our team of Furrfluencers

Meet Kobe

Kobe here. Japanese Shiba Inu that just turned one and lives in West London. Happy all the time due to being born into the suburban retirement life. Avid R&B listener and read social psychology books in my spare time. I’ll match with you on dating apps but not reply to your messages. You’ll always catch me sliding into the ladies DM. 
Find me here at @this.is.kobe

Meet Chutney and Branston

I’m Chutney and I live with my brother Branston in Hampshire. We’re both Miniature Dachshunds (but Branston didn’t get the memo and is not quite as miniature as me!). We love exploring the UK with our hooman friends, from a trip to the New Forest on a sunny afternoon to a holiday in Devon to play on the sandy beaches!
Find me here at @chuttney_muttney

Meet Cher

I’m Cher, a five-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who lives in Manchester with my devoted humans and pesky Toy Poodle brother Sonny. Like all good divas, I, of course, love to be looked after and pampered. I must have a cozy bed, delicious treats and plenty of cuddles. But, don’t get me wrong, I also love to get out on tour, explore new places and make new furrfriends.

Find me here at @minichernauzer

Meet Poppy

I’m Poppy, a five-year-old Yorkshire Terrier with the personality the size of a Great Dane! I live for meeting people, exploring new places and tasty treats. My hooman, Sue, ensures we’re always out and about. I don’t always listen to her as I’d rather do my own thing but in the end, she always gets her way and we return home to something tasty to eat and a big cuddle on the sofa.
Find me here at @poppytheyorkie_

Meet Lulu

I’m Lulu, a three-year-old Westie who likes to take breaks from my fashionable Chelsea lifestyle for muddy holidays in the country. My favourite activity is running huge circles in grassy fields and teasing other dogs into chasing me. I’ll run after a ball if asked but never see the point of bringing them back…

Find me here @lovelylocolulu

Meet Phil and Niko

Phil and Niko here, two Alaskan malamutes living in Manchester with our human parents and feline sister, Milo. I’m Phil, the grey malamute. I’m six, a great big teddy and known as the giant with a gentle personality 🙂 Niko, the black malamute, is slightly younger than me. She’s five and is known as the wolf of our clan!

Find me here @lifewithmalamutes

Our Furrfluencers will be your trusted doggy canine reviewers. 

One by one, they’ll take it in turns to review the best places to stay for pooches. So watch this space. 

If you can’t wait, and are eager to have a break, check out our dog-friendly cottages or last minute breaks with your furry friend. If you’d like a bit of help deciciding where, here are our top five dog-friendly locations to visit:

Lake District